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琉球藍染工房の新作や人気の定番アイテムを、ゆっくりとご覧いただける空間、ウメノコヤが誕生しました。 ”今のくらしに優しく溶け込む作品づくり”をコンセプトに、モダンな柄とデザインを、透明感あふれる藍色で染め上げた作品の数々が、まるでマルシェに並ぶ採れたての新鮮な野菜のように並びます。





住所:〒520-1203  滋賀県高島市安曇川町南古賀843-12


    平敷 慶之(ヘシキ ヨシユキ)

    電話 090-4768-4467


We have a show room: Umenokoya where you can see the new and popular works of ryukyu i.


It is like a freshly prepared vegetable lining up in Marche, you can see our number of works dyed modern patterns and designs with fresh indigo colors. Those items are based on the concept of "creating works that blend gently with current life".


At the show room you may find products which are straight out of  the studio next door. Also there are some you might have seen at our exhibitions held throughout Japan. Moreover, there are some rare items you can find only at Umenokoya.


Open from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm every Saturday. Those who wish to visit on other days, please contact the show room manager by e-mail or phone one week in advance.


Address: 843-12 Minamikoga Adogawa-cho Takashima-shi Shiga-ken Japan Postal number 520-1203


Yoshiyuki Heshiki: the manager of the show room

tel: 09047684467

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